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Acting for Non Actors

In the Acting for Non Actors class, people will get a fun taste of every aspect of acting. This is a great class for people who want to have fun and make new friends, see if acting is something they might like, try something new and have always wanted to take a class, or for those people who have a secret dream of acting but are not ready to dive into an intense class. It is also for those who just want to have a hobby to play in and create!

In this class we will cover improv acting and techniques, touch on cold reading and scene work, and introduce some of the Meisner Technique exercises.

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Meisner Technique

The Meisner Technique, named after its creator Sanford Meisner, was developed as a way to teach actors to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances” using a series of foundational exercises that build one upon the other. Through his experience of creating and teaching this series of interrelated exercises, Meisner developed a technique that provides a proven and reliable framework to help actors “get out of their heads” and focus their attention on the core elements needed to act honestly and genuinely.

Students who master the exercises learn how to stay in the moment, become less self-conscious, and let go of the need to control. The technique provides them with a solid foundation that allows them to be fully present in the moment, which gives them the freedom and confidence to express themselves truthfully while “playing” in the imaginary circumstance.

Actors are taught how to access their emotions authentically without manipulation or imitation. With the Meisner Technique, the actor develops an intuitive and keen awareness of “who they are” emotionally and physically which allows them to utilize these aspects effectively and instinctively. They learn to connect quickly and deeply to scene partners as well as to their imaginary circumstance. In this way, the work takes on the natural qualities of real life as it is expressed through art. The actor learns to replace “acting” and imitation with genuinely deep and truthful connection.

Beginning Class

In the beginning class, students focus on learning the fundamentals of the technique as Sanford Meisner taught them. These foundational exercises include: the repetition exercise, independent activities and emotional preparation.

Intermediate Class

In the intermediate class, the student continues to practice and expand the exercises introduced in the Beginning Class and then is shown how to expand these skills into scene work and “Spoon River” exercises -- another powerful tool developed by Sanford Meisner. In this phase of the training, the actor discovers how to personalize scene material and be more specific in their choices while laying the foundation for emotional layering and character work.

Advanced Class

In the Advanced Class, students continue to hone their skills with the repetition exercise, independent activities, emotional preparation, and Spoon Rivers with the additional focus of learning how to apply the various exercises to character work, scene analysis, emotional layering and performance. It is here that the various aspects of the tools and exercises learned in earlier classes are joined together to help the actor become increasingly adept at making specific and personal choices in their work whether it is for film, television or the stage.

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The Actor's Edge

The Actor's Edge Program is a program that Christy came up with that helps actors have more confidence, take control of thier careers, get in more doors, have a plan and get support. It is a step by step process of what needs to be done next and what the actor needs to do to take the next step forward. Christy teaches not only the step by step process of how the business works and what to do next, she also covers the audition process and cold reading skills.

The craft of acting and cold reading are two completely different techniques. If you have not studied the craft of acting then you might have a great cold reading but then not be able to get to the depth neeed for the role. Or if you only know the craft, you can be the best actorin the world but if you cannot cold read, then you won't book. The two work together.

The Actors Edge Program is a six month program that meets once a month on a Saturday. Actors also meet with their groups once a month to set goals, get support and have accountability. If you want to work as an actor in television or film this program is a MUST for every actor.

We will have a few spaces opening for the next session. Email or call (415) 322-8464 to inquire & reserve...

MasterMind Program

This program is only for actors who have applied and been approved by Christy, and will run in 4 month sessions. All others can email or call (415) 324-8464 to inquire and/or be added to a wait list. Highlights of the program are:

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Kids & Teens Classes

These are classes designed for kids and teens who have never taken a class before and for professional child and young adult actors. This class focuses on auditioning/cold reading, how to be truthful in scene work, connecting with other actors, taking direction, and improvisation. Even though this is a group class, the program is designed to focus on the needs and levels of each individual child.

This class is a great class for young actors just starting out or the young actor who has been at it for a while and really wants to learn how to bring authenticity to their work.

Kids/Teens LOVE this class! They learn a lot and have SO much fun! It builds confidence and helps kids/teens to feel comfortable with themselves and to own their choices and individuality

Private coaching for kids is also available either as an ongoing commitment or in Session-by-session meetings for a specific purpose, i.e. preparing for an audition, etc. Please send us an email for more info on current opportunities for private coaching (